Hi, I’m Brendan McCaffrey.

I’ve been working with SQL Server since 2012. Before that I spent 3 years working with Oracle. I have a long track record of success with performance tuning some truly bad SQL queries. I’ve also built and supported a large number of SQL instances for some very large companies. Picture 400+ mission critical SQL Server instances performing 2,000 Batch Requests/Sec and requiring 24×7 uptime.

I’m passionate about technology, and enjoy the daily challenges it brings. I originally got my start as a Network Administrator back in 2008. I was so sure of my path at that time that I even went as far as to get my MCSE and CCNA. However, my first job required some Oracle support on the side for a business critical application. I quickly went from “What is SQL?” to writing and troubleshooting some complex SQL statements within a short period of time. I soon realized I was far more interested in databases than I had ever been in networking. From that point on, I’ve never looked back.