Imposter Syndrome

I started my blog to push the boundaries of what I believe to be true. I’ve been very successful throughout my career as a DBA, regardless of the role I’ve held. It’s something that’s always come easy to me, and most concepts just clicked from day one. Time after time, a problem would arise, and I’d manage to solve it.

However, I realized in late 2021 my knowledge was no longer being challenged in the way I would like through traditional methods. If I am going to get better at what I do, I need to take risks. I need to put my thoughts out in a public forum where those smarter than me could challenge my ideas and challenge me to be better.

Imposter syndrome. The idea that once I step out from behind my mask, I may find that I’m not nearly as good of a DBA as I once thought I was. I’m going to be challenged by those with decades more experience than me. The “real” DBAs. But that’s ok with me. If I want to get better, I need to be willing to be wrong and learn from it.

I’ve committed to three things for the new year. Read three blog posts a day from respected sources, write one blog post per week, and start engaging in social media.

I don’t know where this journey will take me by the end of 2022. But I’m ready to take off the mask and find out. My challenge to you. Step out of your comfort zone. Find something that pushes you to be better at what you enjoy. If we all continue to stay in our comfort zones, we’ll all continue to be average.

Lastly, if you see me post something you believe to be inaccurate, call me out and let’s correct it. I welcome that opportunity. In fact, I encourage it, that’s why I’m here.

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  1. Kudos to you for being courageous and vulnerable in writing and sharing. Looking forward to supporting you and your goals in 2022. Cheers to you and your success!


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